• Flambeau The Flambeau

    Useful for lighting, heat or as the basis for adding flames to sculptures, the flambeau introduces basic skills and tools for working with propane.

  • Portable Fire PitThe Portable Firepit

    Learn to bend copper tubing and create this awesome lightweigth portable fire pit. Building on our skillset and adding a tensegrity structure as a base, you'll love sitting around these flames on a cold night.

  • Venturi Burner The Venturi Burner

    Whether you want to melt metal, fire raku or learn blacksmithing, you need a high heat source. This simple Ron Reil style burner cranks out the BTUs.

  • Boosh
  • The Boosh

    Outside of Texas they may call this a poofer but we call it a boosh! Learn how to safely roar fireballs into the sky. Construction details and practical tips make this a great introduction into building mind blowing flame effects that you can succeed with.

  • Electric PilotThe Electric Pilot

    Add a remote ignition source using a hot surface igniter to your boosh.

  • Arduino Sheild The Arduino Boosh Controller

    When fireballs alone aren't enough any more, learn to control them with an Arduino. Complete schematics, project construction illustrations and working code open up a whole new world of artistic fire.

  • Digital Step Valve The Digital Step Valve

    Learn how to think outside the box and come up with new approaches to flame effects. This project provides an extensible way to control flame height while encouraging your own new ideas.