Tim Deagan

Tim Deagan likes to make things. He casts, prints, screens, welds, brazes, bends, screws, glues, nails, and dreams in his Austin, Texas, shop. He’s spent decades gathering tools based on the idea that one day he will come up with a project that has a special use for each and every one of them.

Tim likes to learn and try new things. A career troubleshooter, he designs, writes, and debugs code to pay the bills. He has worked as a stagehand, meat cutter, speechwriter, programmer, sales associate at Radio Shack, VJ, sandwich maker, computer tech support specialist, car washer, desk clerk, DBA, virtual CIO, and technical writer. He’s run archeology field labs, darkrooms, produce teams, video stores, ice cream shops, consulting teams, developers, and QA teams. He’s written for Make: magazine, Nuts & Volts, Lotus Notes Advisor and Databased Advisor magazines.

Tim collects board games, Little Mermaid stuff, ukuleles, accordions, tools, watches, slide rules, graphic novels, art supplies, hobbies, books, gadgets, and sharp and pointy things. He owned, and escaped from owning, a 1960 Ford C-850 Young Fire Equipment fire engine (though he kept the siren). Tim paints, sketches, sculpts, quilts, sews, and works leather. Tim has climbed antenna towers, wrecked motorcycles, learned to parasail, and jumped out of perfectly good airplanes,

Tim has been or is a boy scout, altar boy, Red Cross disaster action team captain, volunteer firefighter, flyman, Wocista, Flipside burner, actor, Maker Faire: Austin flame and safety coordinator, lighting tech, ham radio operator (KJ8U), musician, and licensed Texas flame effect operator. Tim has studied Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu with Sensei Rick Fine, and Tomiki Aikido with Sensei Strange.

Tim loves his wife, his daughter, his dogs, and his friends, and feels very lucky indeed to be able to write all the lists above.